Washing and cleaning

The Rug Guru's washing and cleaning process steps as follows:

Step one: Inspection and analysis 

                                                                            Analysing 1

Setp two: Dusting removal process. Dusting is the most important step of cleaning a rug. Rugs generally collect an amazing amount of dust, sand and dirt in course of time. These become embedded in the foundation of the rug. The dust, sand and dirt must be removed. Prior to washing we mke sure there is no dust inside the rugs or carpet. Using water without dusting will cause embedded materials to harden around the foundation, causing a stiffer, unhealthy rug, ultimately shortening its lifespan. When your rug is cleaned and restored by The Rug Guru, you can rest assured that any allergens that remain. Leaving your rug dust free- contributing substantially to your healthy home environment.  
                                                                                  Beating 1

Step Three:  Sanitising (for pet odour elimination)

                                              Sanitizing 1

Step Four: Shampooing

                                                    Shampooing 1  

Step Five: Rinsing (some times requires couple of times) After all the care we have given in handling your rug, we then make sure all the dirty water along any contaminates that may be lingering are completely removed.

                                                                                                        Rinsing 1

Step Six: Extracting

Extracting 1


Step Seven: Drying
For drying a carpet we use natural sun (but we don't put face up to the sun) and also we use Carpet blower and dryer. At the final time we use De-Humidifier.


Step Eight: Clean fringing

                                                            Clening the fringes

Step Nine: Deodorizing
We use different types of deodorizer which it depends on what was pre-condition of the rug was. If the rug before washed had dog smell we deodorise it with mixed 3 in 1 deodoriser.

Final Step: Delivering your Carpet, Kelims, Rugs...
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The Rug Guru specialized of washing any types of carpets, rugs, Sumack, Kelim, Tapestries...to the highest level of profession. Choosing professional carpet washing or cleaning is the best method to protect your carpets. We specialized to remove any stubborn stains and dusts which have collected during the course of time. Modern day’s carpet cleaners generally use basic shampoo machine just to clean the surface of the rugs. Our job however, 100% guarantee to wash your rugs.

Each rugs or carpet has different treatment depends on what foundations, knots, colours your rug has, after examination we follow procedure according to the rug with care and professionally wash. We also take photos of your rugs during the process what we do and how we wash them than email it to you. We never use any machine to clean your rugs.

The process of wash of any types of handmade, hand-woven, etc of rugs, or carets is very complicated process which starts with a thorough inspection of the carpets and its condition. If the carpet or rug is highly stained and dirty it would need a more elaborate procedure. However, the stain removing is different task during the washing process most stains most likely cleaned but it totally depends of what types of stains and how long it’s in there.

Nevertheless, The Rug Guru start rug washing with dusting. This is one of the most important steps in the rug washing process. Using vibrating beating process from the back of the rug we dislodge all the grit and dirt from the foundation of your rug. This prolongs the life span of your rug as grit is the number one cause of premature wear on rugs. Once this step is complete we can proceed with sanitising your rug.

All rugs or carpets or any other textile sanitised first, before we sanitise it we put carpet totally in the water than leave sanitise for at least for twenty minutes in order to get rid of any smells or unwanted odour such as cat, dogs urine smells or any other pre-existing smell in the rug. Because we beat the carpet in the first place and no dust or grit inside the carpet the sanitise affects all parts of rugs or other words deep down sanitised. After sanitise we pull out the sanitise than rinse it with clean water, after that we shampoo it with our specials wool shampoo. It’s totally depends what types of colour your rugs has, for example if there is a chemicals dyes we have to treat it very different than if its vegetable dyes. The mineral dyes again different than synthetic dyes.

However, once we use the shampoo we use brushes to clean front and back of the rugs. When we brush it we do it horizontally and vertically. This process helps to pull out any dust or grit left inside the rug. At the same time this process maintains and restores the sheen and the softness of the rug. As a result your rug will feel fresher smell and much softer and brighter.

Once the rug shampooed we use squeegee to push out the shampoo and rinse it as far as there is no shampoo left. Now that is the time we walk from the back the rug while water still running on to the carpet. This process helps to pull anything inside the foundation which still trapped in. After immersion washing and rinsing the majority of the shampoo out we will start to extract rug by using special machine extractor. This will extract around 90% of the moisture out of the thickest rug and reducing the risk of discolouration or colour running.
Sometimes we do rinsing two or three times in next day(s) if it’s necessary. It depends on what dyes your rug has been used. It is critical this stage is not rushed, so patience is required in order to guarantee a satisfactory result.

Once your rug dried out we work on rug fringes in order to bring to the original beauty. Different treatment requires for the wool fringes than cotton fringes. Once it’s been cleaned, we wash the fringes and leave under carpet dryer to be dried. However, I would like to mention that we do lots of other task while we wash the rug such as pulling the wool direction in the same pile direction as it was before etc.

Once the carpet 100% dried out we do deodorise then we contact you in order to make time and day arrangement to deliver your carpet.
We guaranteed all your rugs and carpet washed, what we offered you in the first place, we will follow our words.

After the job done you should see its beautiful colours revitalised and softens.

Cleaning for most rugs occurs on a 2-3 year cycle. This is especially important for health. Rugs absorb pollutants from the air and soil from walking. This results in cleaner initial surroundings - but contributes to unsanitary conditions as the rug eventually returns harmful soil to the environment.

Additionally, after the initial mitigation work, The Rug Guru's skilled craftsmen are prepared to rebuild your rug back to its original condition - whether this includes replacing a few gutters or rebuilding the entire rug from the ground up.

The Rug Guru provides emergency Flood damage repair services 24/7 because we know you don't want to wait. Additionally, in many situations, waiting for restoration services can allow the problem to spread, adding to the cost of the mitigation and repairs. The Rug Guru's water, fire and smoke mitigation experts are available 24/7 for commercial and residential storm damage emergencies.

The essence of washing and cleaning is the minimization of risk - while thoroughly removing all soil. The Rug Guru emphasizes cultural and scientific knowledge, careful analysis and individualized strategies in order to create reliable step-by-step approaches to cleaning and washing any types of rugs. The Rug Guru Does Not Use Washing Machines, Carpet Steam Cleaning or Machine Brushing. All washing and cleaning is done exclusively by hand. Everyone is welcome to view our workshop and discuss our work.
The Correct Repair adds to the value of the rug while incorrect work does more harm than good.

The History of Rugs and Carpets

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