• Specialists in Repairing & Maintaining Oriental & Turkish Rugs

    We are passionate about the rugs we work on and take pride in restoring them to their former glory.

  • Specialists in Repairing & Maintaining Oriental & Turkish Rugs

    We are passionate about the rugs we work on and take pride in restoring them to their former glory.

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About the Rug Guru

The Rug Guru Hamid has more 28 years solid experience on Repair, Wash, Restoration, Stain Removing, Binding, Over Locking, Edging, Fringing & and R-Colouration of Oriental Rugs, Tapestries , Kilims, Sumacs & other textile. Studied and Qualified in Tehran Museum in Iran. Majoring Geography in Auckland University and now Self Employed in Auckland.

I Personally telling that all the work repairs...have 12 months guaranteed and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
Rug Washing & Cleaning
The rug Guru specialized of washing any types of carpets, rugs, Sumack, Kilim, Tapestries...to the highest professional level.
Rug Repairing & Restoration
The Rug Guru has expertise to fix and repair any types of rugs, carpet, Sumack, Kelim, Tapestries...to the original condition.
Rug Fringing
The Rug Guru can restore or replace missing ends and secure the edges to prevent further damage to fringes.
Binding, Edging, Overlocking
The Rug Guru able to Bind, Overlocking, Restore, Repair, Edge your Rugs either by hand or machine.
Wall Hanging
Wall Hanging is beautiful addition to any room which brings not just interior beauty but also a sense of history.
Sun Damage Recovery
In NZ most rugs not resistant to sun unltraviolet rays & a rug will likely fade over time. We can bring your rug to original colour.
Pet Stain & Odour Removal
Stains & Odours is caused by one or more volatized chemical...We can eliminate unpleasnet odour and remove any stains.
Carpet Stain & Colour Bleeding
Either you have accident by Wine or any types of stains The Rug Guru can successfully treat Remove stains in your rugs.

The Rug Guru Services Include But Not Limited to:

  • Fringe repair; chain fringe or new fringes
  • Binding; either sides or the ends
  • Reweaving of the Pile; thread bare rugs due to aging, damage or moth eaten…
  • Colouring; pile that faded due to aging, sun exposure bleeding of the dyes or other problems
  • Decorative pockets added to rug or tapestries for wall hanging
  • Shearing; clipping the top to even out the pile and to bring out fresh clean colours from below
  • Rug cleaning and Washing
  • Colour Bleeding Restoration
  • Spot or Stain Removing
  • Patching of holes
  • Repair of tears and fraying
  • Re-Weaving, New Fringing
  • New Binding
  • Repair of moth damage
  • Fire Odour Removing
  • Water damage Restoration
  • Rug Wall Hanging
  • Sun Damage Restoration
  • Sisal rug Edging either wide edging or binding
  • Floor carpets binding
  • Rugs Resizing
  • Over Dying
  • Custom design rug patches
  • Sell and laying rug grip for rugs to help prevent slips and falls
  • Rugs stretching to eliminate waves and ripples to extend the life of your rug or carpet
  • Rug valuation for your insurance purposes
  • Rug wrapping for longer term storage
  • Leather edging to help your rug to lay flat
  • Re-latex of your existence hand-tufted carpet or you want to make one
  • Boat carpet making, binding, edging, overlocking

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“We couldn't believe our eyes when our Persian Rugs were returned from the exceptional,restoration with new fringing, cleaning and the rugs looked better than they did when we bought them years ago. The colours just glowed and the carpets were so soft. Hamid you are Master weaver who we can highly recommend. Two very happy customers, Pim and Carole Venecourt ”

Carole Venecourt