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Discover a world of meticulous care for your cherished rugs with The Rug Guru's comprehensive services. Whether it's enhancing the durability, beauty, or artistic value of your rugs, our expert craftsmanship brings out the best in every weave. Our rug binding, carpet over-locking, sisal edging, and rug leathering services cater to a variety of needs, ensuring your rugs are preserved and adorned with precision.

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Choose from an array of specialized rug services that cater to different rug types and materials. Our rug binding services add durability and elegance, while carpet over-locking ensures precision and longevity. Elevate your sisal rugs with our unique edging expertise, and experience the fusion of artistry and durability with our rug leathering services. Each service is tailored to enhance your rugs' aesthetics and structural integrity.

Rug Binding

Rug Binding

Enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of your rugs with our expert rug binding services. We specialize in reinforcing the edges of your rugs, preventing fraying and wear over time. Our artisans meticulously apply binding to your rugs, ensuring a seamless integration that complements the rug's design. Our binding techniques not only protect your rug but also provide structural integrity, allowing your rug to maintain its shape and lay flat on the floor. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to match your rug's aesthetic. Trust The Rug Guru to preserve and enhance your cherished rugs with our professional rug binding solutions.

Carpet Overlocking

Carpet Overlocking

Experience the art of precision with our carpet over-locking services. Our skilled artisans use advanced techniques to create neat and secure edges for your carpets. Over-locking not only enhances the appearance of your carpets but also prevents fraying and unraveling of the edges. Whether you have wall-to-wall carpets or area rugs, our carpet over-locking process ensures a clean finish that complements your space. Choose from a range of thread colors to seamlessly blend with your carpet's hue. Let The Rug Guru add a touch of elegance and longevity to your carpets through our expert over-locking services.

Sisal Edging

Sisal Edging

Elevate your sisal rugs with our specialized sisal edging services. Sisal rugs are known for their natural and rustic charm, and our edging techniques enhance their beauty while ensuring longevity. Our artisans apply durable edging that not only complements the sisal's texture but also prevents fraying and wear. We offer various edging styles and colors to suit your preferences and decor. Whether your sisal rug is placed in a high-traffic area or a cozy corner, our sisal edging services provide the perfect finishing touch that combines aesthetics with functionality.

Leathering on edge of Persian Top quality rug

Rug Leathering

Experience the fusion of artistry and durability with our rug leathering services. Our expert artisans meticulously leather the edges of your rugs, adding a touch of sophistication and protection. Rug leathering not only enhances the appearance but also provides an additional layer of strength to the edges. Choose from a range of leather options that complement your rug's style, from classic to contemporary. Our specialized techniques ensure a seamless integration of leather that elevates your rug's elegance. Trust The Rug Guru to transform your rugs into timeless pieces of art through our professional rug leathering services.

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Carpet Over Locking Edged and Secured Homemade NZ Rug Binding and Edging All Sides Edged by Cotton tape Sisal Carpet Used Taped over locking (12) Over Locking with machine binding Turkish Patchwork Edge Binding and fixing Rug Binding  carpet Edging & Over Locking The Rug Guru Binding Edging Restoration Turkish Rug Binding finished repairing turkman Binding and resizing the carpet Leathering on edge of Persian Top quality rug Rug Leathering to provent of crawling the edge Homemade NZ Rug Binding and Edging Machine Over Locking over locking (12) Over Locking Binding over locking With Machine

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