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Two sides of the rug are finished with binding; the two ends with fringes. The binding is an important structural element of a rug and helps to holds it together. When the weaving of oriental rugs, machine made rugs, or any other types of rug is finished, bindings are used to protect the sides of the rug. This protection of the edge prevents knots from unravelling. Over time this binding can wear and become loose, broken or separated from the base. Wear and tear, from heavy traffic, pet chewing, vacuuming, or the placement of heavy furniture can damage your rug. The binding, like fringing, is very important for protecting the edge and helping the rug lay evenly flat on the floor and of course it helps to make your beautiful rug look good.

Depending on the severity of the damage, we will recommend either full hand binding replacement or spot binding repairs.There are different ways of doing binding; it depends on the type and originality of the rug which method will be used. If it is a Persian handmade rug the binding will always be made of single, twin or triple binding lines. If it is a machine-made rug, then it may be more appropriate to overlock the side in either nylon or wool. If it is a sisal rug, it may have strips of canvas, nylon or cotton as edging or it could have a folded back edge.

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Types of Rug & Carpet Edge Repairing:

Each type of binding may require different methods to repair and restore it. In the case of Persian, Turkish, Moroccan, Afghani, Kashmiri, Indian, Chinese and Nepali rugs; some binding may be made of cotton, goat hair or camel hair but most rugs use sheep wool.

We are skilled and experienced in repairing all types of rugs whether they are handmade or machine made. We can also repair rugs made from all types of fibre.

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The Rug Guru have experience in the use of many different materials and techniques to best repair the binding for your rug.

Handmade Rugs Edging:

1) Handmade rugs – we will use the same types of materials and finishes as the original. For many Persian or other Oriental rugs, patching may be economically the best repair choice. We recommend that patching or repairing be done as soon as holes are discovered to prevent more extensive damage. The value of the rug and the extent of the damage may influence the level of repairs done but, whatever the damage is, The Rug Guru can restore your damaged rug to its original condition.

We hand sew the binding to keep the rug in as close to original condition as possible. If a rug requires repairs to be done, we will inspect it and give you the best options to fix the problem areas. Our aim is to return your rug in the best possible condition to you.

We can repair the binding by hand or by machine, restoring this protection to the sides of your rug. Most repairs however need to be done by hand.

If the original edge cording is completely worn, then new warping will need to be secured, sewn, and strung under tension. This is then followed by overcasting with colour matched wool.

We can sew leather under the edges of the rug to provide additional support. This additional support helps to keep the edges of the rug from curling inwards and your rug sitting flat on the floor. It reinforces the sides by providing protection against wear and tear.

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Machine rugs and Floor wall to wall carpet binding:

2) Machine made – bindings can be made of fabric, cotton tape (either stitched or attached with the use of adhesive) or wool in different widths and sizes. Machine over-locking (binding or edging) can be used on all floor mats and machine-made rugs.

Sisal Carpets Edging:

3): Sisal carpet tape services include custom made edging of different widths and materials including canvas, cotton and nylon. Strips can be made in a variety of shapes as required. We can custom cut the rug to the size you want and then serge it, bind it and add a border.

These types of edging are usually used to add interest to natural fibers such as sisal. We offer stitching and the use of adhesives with different straight or mitered corner options.

Call us on (09) 815-9625 to learn how our way carpet’s binding, surging and edge services can recreate a beautiful and stable finish to your carpet.

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