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Rug Stain Removal: Persian, Indian, Turkish Rugs

Rug and Carpet Stain Removing Persian Indian Turkish Rugs

Oriental Rugs have always been considered art in your home and are very much desired. The Persian, Turkish, Indian and other oriental carpets are sometimes costly and can be quite fragile. These rugs need regular cleaning and maintenance, otherwise, your expensive rug will lose its appeal. Rugs are very porous and can become stained very easily. If a spill is not blotted off immediately it can become permanent and spoil the beauty of the rug.

One of the most common culprits causing stains is your pet. Pet stain removal from rugs can take all the skills of the stain removal expert. Pet stain removal at The Rug Guru uses the time-tested methods of cleaning the rugs by hand to ensure optimum cleaning. Special decontaminates and deodorises, that will not harm the rugs, are used to ensure the best result. The longer the stain material remains in the carpet, the higher the chance of permanent colour change, even if all the original stain material is removed. Immediately blotting (not rubbing) the stain as soon as possible will help reduce the chances of permanent colour change. Artificial food colouring stains are generally considered permanent stains including liquids such as Gatorade, Listerine, soft drinks, etc. We are however generally able to remove this type of staining.

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Stain removal is the process of removing a mark or spot left by a substance on a specific surface. A solvent or detergent is generally used to conduct stain removal and many of these are available over the counter.  If a stain has "set", it has become chemically bonded to the material that it has stained and cannot be easily removed without damaging the material itself. It is therefore important to avoid setting stains that one wants to remove. This can be done by avoiding heat (by not pressing or ironing the stain), sponging stained materials as quickly as possible, using the correct solvent (some solvents will act as catalysts on certain substances and cause the stain to set more quickly), and avoiding rubbing the stain.

Most stains are removed by dissolving them with a solvent. The solvent to use depends on two factors: the agent that is causing the stain, and the material that has been stained. Different solvents will dissolve different stains, and the application of some solvents is limited by the fact that they not only dissolve the stain, but also dissolve the material that is stained as well. Another factor in stain removal is the fact that stains can sometimes comprise two or more separate staining agents, which require separate forms of removal. Also of concern is the colour of the material that is stained. Some stain removal agents will not only dissolve the stain but will also dissolve the dye that is used to colour the material.

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Rug stains occur when liquid or other materials penetrate into the rug piles or foundations. Unfortunately, many of these stains are permanent and can be only removed by someone who has extensive knowledge of the materials, dyes, and other products and processes used in making of different areas of the rug, along with the knowledge of specialized stain removing products. In other words, carpet stain removal is a specialized process that must only be done by professionals.  Attempts to remove stains by using the wrong products or wrong techniques can cause further damage to handmade rugs.  Before you entrust your valuable hand knotted rug to anyone, please ensure that they have the correct specialist expertise first.

Stain removal is one of the services we provide in our carpet cleaning facility. Over the decades, we have successfully removed tens of thousands of carpet stains, ranging from the most common types such as pet stains and wine stains to the least common that could be almost any stain. We consider many factors to correctly identify and implement the best stain removal process. For each stain, we make our own special stain removal product. This has made us the most successful Auckland rug cleaner in the carpet industry and amongst the very best in New Zealand.

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Colour run or colour bleeding is one of the problems you may encounter after your rug has been cleaned by someone without proper knowledge in this field or if an area of your rug becomes wet for any reason.

If the dyes used when making a rug are not properly stabilized during the dying process, or excessive dyes remains on the surface of the fibres used in making the rug, that rug will be vulnerable to colour bleeding should it become wet. Colour bleeding may cause significant damage to the appearance of the rug. Therefore, it is important to consider two significant factors: first, how to prevent colour bleeding; and second, how to successfully restore a colour run damaged area of a rug. The knowledge about the materials used in making of hand knotted carpets (wool, silk, bamboo silk, cotton etc.) along with the knowledge about the types of dyes used (acidic, alkaline, vegetable, synthetic or Mineral dyes) are essential in successful cleaning of a rug without causing any damage from colour bleeding.

At The Rug Guru we excel in colour run removal. We have restored thousands of colour run damaged carpets and are pleased to continue to offer this service to our clients.

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