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we cannot imagine life without pets. pets are part of our family which brings joy and love. However, pets can also bring extra work too. if you find out that, how difficult is , to get rid of the pet odors in our home which the odors deeply embedded in your rug!! Have you tried out to remove pet odors, if you did, you know that the removal is not easy as you thought. However, The Rug Guru developed a comprehensive odor removing systems which gives a proven result. You will notice immediately once you use our services on pet odor removal.

At The Rug Guru, We are proud of our reputation for excellence in our services. We offer wide range of services, including not only pet odor removal But also general deep washing, stain removing, mold removal, fire smoke odor removal. However, our Pet Odor Removal Services is for any handmade Persian rugs, Turkish Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Morrocan Rugs, top quality silk and woolen rugs and Vintage rugs. Our rug Services has been used by many satisfied customers. Once your rugs smell fresh, you can get back to your important task of enjoying with your family and pets.

There are many great benefits of using our odor removal services. You will find that this can greatly improve the looks of your rug. Rug Guru Odor Removal Services also take care of dust motes, mold odor and its related bacteria which may built up in your rugs. We try our best to neutralize the source of smell. If your rugs are looking dingy and smelly, it may be a time to start thinking about our professional rug odor removal services which to help your rugs amazing again. our way of rug odor removing by washing it will remove most pollutants and other allergens from your rug.

The odor removal properties of the pet are great, we never use strong scent sanitiser. those strongest scents are usually attempting to disguise pet smells which they are very ineffective and ends up with worst smelling rug.

Some Tips to How to Reduce Your Pet Odor From Your Rugs:

  • Get out Spills, Pet Urine immediately. The quicker you work on a urine the better you can help rug out. If you let it sit, it will be harder to get out and if you add a water it will spread the urine. if you don't act fast, your pet will also trace the smell of urine and they are more likely to pee that spot again. So, use towel to take out as much as you can. if its not successful we are always here to help you.
  • Vacuum your rug on a require basis. especially if you have kids and animals.
  • Remove the Pet hairs from your rugs.

Some Facts about Rug Odor and why you need pay attention:

  1. Odors may trigger illness such as asthma.
  2. Rugs are susceptible to a variety of unpleasant odors including those caused by cat, dog, food, mould.
  3. rolled, folded and stored rugs in certain periods of time in a damp environment, produces mouldy and musty smell.
  4. odors on rugs will change to its environmental conditions.
  5. bad odor on rugs also makes runny noise, sore eyes and throat irritation.
  6. pet accident on the rug: the urine goes throughout fiber and spread beneath the rug and makes un-pleasant odor. after urine, leaves behind hormones, acid & bacteria.
  7. Urine can also cause permanently damage rugs color.
  8. many names given to bad odor from our client smell on rugs during our period in this business such as: stinky rug, musty, malodorous, horrible smell, un-pleasant smell, foul smelling, funky, smelly, stinking, bad small, disgusting, revolting, spoiled, filthy rugs.

The Rug Guru is the leading expert in oriental rug odor removal within the Auckland area. when you choose the Rug Guru, you can be assured your rug investment will be protected. we will use safer way of odor removing in order to protect your health and assets. bad odors creates unhealthy living environments which reduces rug's usability. therefore, it is important to identify and eliminate the cause as soon as possible. The Rug Guru will remove any odors which causing harmful bacteria and fungi from our rug without making any discoloration and color running. Call us, so we can save and protect your health and asset from long-term damage. we won't use, strong or commercial odor removal. these products only mask the odor. the foul odor will return once the smell of the perfume wears off from your rug.

The Rug Guru has extensive experience, skills and proper techniques to permanently eliminate and neutralize all types of rug odors. The Rug Guru once removed the odor shampooed and rinsed your rugs by hand washing.

The Rug Guru washed and cleaned hundred of rugs from pet odors. Contact us for pet odor removal service on (09) 815-9625.

Either your rug is, Antique rugs, Oriental rug, Persian Rug, Turkish Rug, Indian Rug, Chinese Rug, Nepali rug, Hand crafted or hand woven, tapestry or kelim, shaggy or machine rug, silk or woolen rug, viscose or natural fibers rug, flokati or sumac rug The Rug Guru will remove your rug odor completely. or job is 100% odor removal guarantee! it it our knowledge and experience that keeps your oriental rugs safe throughout the cleaning process. Hand washing, rinsing for any delicate rug, including fine silk rugs. even rugs with difficult pet odors are no match for our cleaning! our washing for odor removing services and treatment can eliminate those odors caused by pet accident, musty smells from your rugs.

The Rug Guru is a small, family owned business specializing in the handmade rugs and we are passionate about rugs and our jobs! We go beyond basic cleaning. Our rug odor washing process will completely remove dirt and odors from your rug. Call us on (09) 815-9625 to get an estimate for our services or to schedule an appointment for a cleaning.

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