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Rug Sun Damaged color Restoration

Rug Sun damaged Restoration

A rug adds warmth and beauty to any home, so protect that beautiful rug of yours from damaging sunlight. Protect and care for your investment and stop the damage before it starts. Many rug dyes are quite resistant to fading. Still, ultraviolet rays are a powerful force of nature and a rug will inevitably fade over time if used in sunny areas. Consider sheer curtains to block some of the direct sunlight and try to turn the rug end-on-end once a year to even out possible colour changes. In the case of existing faded rugs, where it is not possible to reduce the amount of sun exposure, it is recommended that the rugs be rotated more regularly to help them to become uniform in colour. Although not ideal, rotating your rug will help to make the colours of your rug appear more even. Some colours are more vulnerable to sun damage than others. Natural cream and white colours are less likely to suffer a colour change than are stronger colour such as blue, red and yellow. Also, the type of dye used (various chemical dyes and natural plant based or mineral dyes), will affect the stability of the colours and the likelihood of fading. Light damage to rugs can sometimes be inevitable. Rugs are made of fine materials that can be sensitive to wear and tear. There will also come a time when a rug’s quality will degrade because of aging. What we can do is delay the aging of our rugs by applying some of the techniques that we suggest here. Where possible move your rug out of the direct sunlight or put thermal UV blocking film on your windows to reduce or block sunlight damage. This window film will not only reduce the UV but may also help to keep the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The Rug Guru has the necessary expertise to bring your rug back to either partial colour restoration or full colour recovery. We guarantee that we will bring your rug colouration back to as close as it is possible to the original colour range and beauty.

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