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Most varieties of Oriental rugs have a wool pile, but many have cotton warp and weft (the warp is the lengthwise foundation upon which knots are tied to create the pile; the weft runs over and under warp strings between rows of knots to strengthen the rug from side to side). This cotton foundation can be weakened, and sometimes actually rots if the rug is repeatedly wet and not properly dried.

At The Rug Guru we are able to repair water damage that is caused by flooding, spills or leaks. We understand the complexity of weaving these types of rugs and also know that water damage restoration cannot be done by just anyone.

Repairing rugs early, when only a few stitches are needed, is preferable to costly restorations later. The Rug Guru offers quality repairs and restoration of damage to rugs caused by aging, accident or wear and tear. Yarns, colours and techniques are matched, with custom dyeing when necessary. Due to the non-standardised production of modern rugs, we continually find new situations and materials that call for new approaches and unique solutions to restoration. Rug restoration is traditionally a utilitarian craft. However, in the Rug Guru hands this skill has been elevated both to an art and a science. The repair and restoration of Oriental rugs, both ancient and modern, benefit greatly from The Rug Guru long experience and unmatched expertise.

The Rug Guru use correct procedures to restore carpet related items to their pre-loss condition. These processes are specifically designed to address the challenges posed by particular types of damage. In addition to concerns with an item’s appearance, considerations such as smell and structural integrity are taken into account.

The Rug Guru addresses all forms of rug repairs and alterations.

While a considerable amount of damage is a challenge; we can restore most rugs to their former glory. Rugs left with us will benefit from our repair expert's artistic skills and creativity. From matching the colours to matching the type of wool used is very important; where possible we will use wool reclaimed from old rugs & Kilim to carry out repairs in old rugs. We specialise in repairing all type of rugs, carpets, Kilim, Sumac etc. with many types of materials including wool, silk, merino wool, synthetics etc.

The Rug Guru, regardless of the nature of repairs required, will fix most sorts of damage including holes, lost piles, binding, fringing and edging to as close as possible to the original condition. Repairing rugs or Kilims will prevent further problems arising and causing more damage to the rug. Each type of damage requires different methods to resolve it; the method used will depend on the foundation materials, construction of weft and wraps, thickness and thinness of the rug etc. Any damage should be fixed or at least established to prevent further deterioration. Try not to ignore problems, they will only get bigger. Reweaving holes is easier if the warp and the weft of the rug do not have to be replaced in addition to re-piling or re-knotting.


.It is very important that the right yarn texture, finish and colour are matched to the existing rug. For this reason, sewing in patches has limited value, if any, especially on good Oriental rugs. Restoration and repairing by reweaving is highly recommended


The Rug Guru addresses complex rug repairs and alterations every day in our St. Lukes rug workshop facility. Regardless of the type of repair or alteration needed, The Rug Guru’s experts can handle them.


The Rug Guru offers free estimates on any rug repair. Just bring your rug in or call us and we will come to your home. We offer free pick up and delivery to many parts of Auckland.

Please Feel Free to ask any question regarding your rugs, carpets, kilims, Sumac or any other textiles.

Some examples of The Rug Guru repair and restoration pictures:

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