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Persian Rug Services

Discover the ultimate destination for professional rug and carpet cleaning, washing, repair, and restoration and more at The Rug Guru. With over 28 years of industry experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner in rejuvenating your cherished floor coverings.

Comprehensive Cleaning and Odor Elimination

Experience the transformation of your rugs and carpets as we specialize in cleaning all types and sizes. Say goodbye to lingering odors with our expertise in eliminating accumulated scents. Our commitment extends to free pickup and delivery across most parts of Auckland, ensuring your convenience.

Premium Care for Oriental Rugs

For your exquisite oriental rugs, we employ premium products formulated specifically for their delicate nature. Our solutions are free of harmful chemicals, ensuring the safety of your family and the environment. Our dedication to quality guarantees your satisfaction with our top-notch services.

Expert Rug Repair and Restoration

Beyond cleaning, we excel in rug repair and restoration. From fringe repairs to intricate reweaving, our skilled techniques restore your rugs' former glory. We mend moth damage, address tears, and offer color improvement for faded piles due to aging, sun exposure, and more.

Comprehensive Range of Services

The Rug Guru is your all-in-one source for rug care. Our services include resizing, water and sun damage restoration, color bleeding correction, fire odor removal, and much more. We even provide specialized services like sisal rug edging and custom design rug patches. Our unwavering commitment to quality sets us apart.

  • Rug cleaning & washing
  • Spot or stain removal
  • Circular Rug Making or any shape
  • Fringe repair; chain fringe or new fringes
  • Binding; new or repair sides and/or ends
  • Reweaving pile in threadbare areas on rugs caused by age and use etc.
  • Repair of moth damage
  • Patching of holes
  • Repair of tears and fraying
  • Dye rugs
  • Colour improvement on faded pile due to aging, sun exposure, or other damage
  • Sun Damage Restoration
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Colour bleeding restoration
  • Rug Wall Hanging
  • Decorative pockets added to rugs or tapestries for wall hanging
  • Fire odour removal
  • Clipping the top of your rug to even out the pile and to bring out fresh original colors from below
  • Sisal rug edging either wide edging or binding
  • Rugs Resizing, Size your rug what ever you want.
  • Improve damage caused by over-dying
  • Custom design rug patches
  • Sell and laying rug grip or underlay for rugs to help prevent slips and falls
  • Rug stretching to eliminate waves and ripples to extend the life of your rug
  • Rug valuation for your insurance purposes
  • Rug wrapping for longer term storage
  • Leather edging to help your rug to lay flat
  • Boat carpet making, binding, edging, over locking

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The Rug Guru is your premier choice for quality carpet and rug Washing and Cleaning and Rug Restoration and Repair. We cater to Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and various types of carpets, handling everything from silk and wool to cotton, sisal, machine-made, and antique rugs.

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