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Rug Grip Non Slippery Underlay for Rugs:

Rug Grip Non Slippery Underlay for Rugs

Rug Grip or rug underlay is designed for any types of rugs, kilim and carpet to stay firmly on the floor. Rug Grip grips both the rug and the floor which prevents the rug of curling or moving. It's great for the household with more kids or elderly people. We supply the latest rug grip for who is looking for underlay. Just call us and give us your rug dimensions than we cut for you. Otherwise if your rug with us for repair or washing please ask us and even we lay it for you for free.

The Rug Guru Also specialised in selling and putting down underlay (padding) underneath of your rugs, kilims and carpet either on wooden or carpet floor. This material (Rug Grip) is very strong and the colour very solid. The colour would not bleed on your floor carpet.

Free Installation for the customers during pick up and delivery.

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