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The Rug Guru is owned and operated locally by Hamid. Hamid has over 28 years of solid, hands-on experience repairing, washing, restoring, stain removing, binding, edging, fringing and colour correction of Oriental rugs, tapestries, kilims, sumacs and other textiles. During this time, he has finely honed his knowledge and skill set to become one of New Zealand’s best-regarded experts in the care and restoration of Oriental and other handmade textiles. Hamid was born in Iran (formerly Persia) and grew up in a society where rug and carpet weaving was culturally very important; having come from a tradition stretching back centuries. He studied and qualified at the Tehran Museum in Iran.

After coming to New Zealand Hamid majored in Human Geography & International Politics and Post Graduate Diploma in Human Geography at Auckland University, supporting himself by working on rugs for some of the top Auckland dealers in fine handmade rugs. Hamid was soon drawn back on a full-time basis to his passion for hand-knotted rugs and carpets developed during his time in Iran. Hamid began by cleaning and repairing some of the finest rugs available in Auckland at that time. During this period Hamid developed his skills further and began the process of combining ancient techniques with the modern processes and materials he discovered in New Zealand. Many of these were specifically to address the problems rug develop from Auckland’s strong sun, humid climate and New Zealanders’ love of cats and dogs. Now Hamid is a master of his trade and applies his skills and expertise to ensure that your rug or other textile will receive the best possible treatment. Hamid is so confident in his workmanship that he personally guarantees all the work he undertakes for a 12-month period.

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