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How can we learn more about Persian or handmade rugs?

You may visit our The History of Rugs and Carpet section, in which you may find lots of information on all aspects of rugs.

Is my Oriental Rug or Textile Worth Cleaning or Restoring?
Several factors must be considered: the retail value of the item, the cost - or possibility - of replacing it and, especially, its historic or sentimental value. A dealer in the particular type of textile or rug can appraise its monetary and
historic value. Only the owner can assess its personal value.


Can you really get the odour out of my pet stained rug?
The Rug Guru has developed an exclusive wash process for pet stains & the odour they cause. The wash contains no harsh chemicals or perfume. We fully guarantee your rug will be clean and odour free!


How often should I wash my rug?
Once every 5-6 years is usually sufficient. Remember, even if you vacuum regularly, your rug continues to hold some dirt, the environment dulls its surface and the wool needs to be conditioned. If your rug is exposed to heavy traffic and soil, we suggest washing more frequently. BUT This also depends upon use, placement and type of protection from the atmosphere (such as a Plexiglas box for displays) and physical contact. General ongoing maintenance is always essential. Even in a museum, textiles are periodically cleaned - with intervals of ten years between cleanings being common for textiles on display. Flemish and French tapestries should be cleaned within this time period, but special care must be taken due to the deteriorating silk areas.


Should I let my carpet technician also clean my handmade rugs?
Definitely not! Many of these firms do a fine job on wall-to-wall carpeting, but the same techniques applied to handmade wool rugs can be disastrous! They employ cleaning agents specifically formulated for synthetic wall-to-wall carpeting while using hot water or steam to agitate and suspend the soil. This is too harsh for handmade wool rugs. Once dry, the rug will lose its luster and look dull and lifeless. In time, it will shed excessively because the hot water and detergent residue left behind has dried out the wool. Please, let these men do what they are good at and let The Rug Guru hand wash your handmade wool rugs.

However, Entrance-way rugs are cleaned every year. Natural fibers absorb polluting sulfites and nitrites from the air and build up acidic components that must be washed out. Gritty street soil, which cuts the pile, must be dusted out. Allergens and unhealthy bacteria must eventually be removed or reduced in number. Oriental rugs act as a filter and clean the air in the home. This is very effective when the rug has been cleaned properly. However, over time a rug will return allergens and pollutants to the atmosphere and result in a less healthy environment.

How long before I get my rug back?
The whole process is preformed normally is
Beating, washing, drying, grooming, and deodorising your rug takes about 2-3 weeks. Its Depends on the size and type of jobs we carry.


Do you pick-up and deliver?
Certainly. Pick-up and delivery is free of charge within Auckland coverage area.


Service Area
Remuera, Freemans Bay, Auckland City District
Ponsonby, Mt. Eden, Pt. Chevalier
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Mt. Albert, New Lynn, Titirangi, East Tamaki


Why my carpet smells? There are different types of odours you will have with rugs

The first category falls under pets and the smells they leave on your rugs. Just removing the animal fur is not enough to get rid of the smell that pet dander leaves on your rugs. Dander combined with humidity and a humid environment cause odours that only our wash can remove.
Cats and dogs also have accidents on your rugs and leave organic waste, urine and vomit. These types of odours need the special care you will find here at
Rug Guru. Some fungi and some bacteria produce colors as they grow. These may attach tenaciously to the fibers.
Tip: When you find out that your pet had an accident on your rug you need to take action immediately otherwise your pet will think it has your permission to do it again and again in the same area.
For these sharp, strong odours we have to use strong sanitizer as well as carpet shampoo as always our special techniques plus expertise to remove odours and restore your rugs from deep in the rug foundation and up. This is combined with soaking your rug and re-washing as many times as it needs. The Rug Guru washes your rug according to its age, type, thickness, country of origin, fiber count and cause of odours.

Why did my pet stain my rug?

Some types of odours your pets do not recognize like the unfamiliar smell of glue used to make certain types of rugs and dirty old rugs with musty smells.
The Rug Guru advice to people to stay away from tufted rugs; if you have dogs at home especially young dogs. Why? Because, Tufted rugs are rugs that have backing that are attached to the back of the rug. These backings consist of any number of different glues: chemical, natural latex, organic and nonorganic combination glues and other unknown elements. These layers are also used to help enhance the look of inexpensive rugs.
If you have dogs at home they will get confused on these smells and will feel the need to mark over them.
If the drying process of these layer are not cured correctly and the latex glues are not dried completely at the rug manufacture facility before the rugs are shipped to overseas, your animal will be able to smell these musty glue odours and then they will mark over it.

The Correct Repair adds to the value of the rug while incorrect work does more harm than good.

The History of Rugs and Carpets

This section is for people interesting to know more about rugs and carpet.

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