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Rug Guru Spacial Offer for early customers (terms & Condition)


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Terms & condition for the Offer for our Customers: (which we may, text, email or called them)

1. This offer only available for the Rug Guru customers who already used our services.

2. The Offer is just for Wash, Fringing (Double Knotting), Stain Removing, Binding, (Its not for Repairing, restoration, or having items such as underlay or for buying things  etc). It is solely for wash, Fringe double knots, Bind.

3. The offer is not re-funded. (You cannot have the money)

4. The Offer is not for any silk, combined silk & woolen rugs. 

5. Offer is for any types of Kelims, Sumac, Rugs, Carpets contain of wool, cotton, Acrylic.

6. Look at the date we issued it just valid from the time it's been sent it to you until the date shows. (It may be changeable).

7. Not Transferable to anyone except the owner of the phone number with the person's details.

8. In Sum its the way to say thank you of being our customer and this offer is just for one off use. i.e. if you have $400 offer you can just use it one time. if there is a remaining i.e. of $50 left you cannot use it for the next time.

9. Iin the time if we are extremely busy we may delay the job or extend your timing of your offer period.

10. This offer only available while we are in the business I.e. any issue arise than we cannot carry business the offer is not valid. (I.e. Bankruptcy, issues which may cause problem to run a business...)


The Correct Repair adds to the value of the rug while incorrect work does more harm than good.

The History of Rugs and Carpets

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