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Carpet Overlocking, Binding & Edging

Binding, Edging, Overlocking like fringing is very important for the rug. Binding is not just for the look of the rug but also protect the edge of the carpet and rug and let rug to be flat evenly. There are different ways of doing binding it depends on the origin country or the manufacturer. Some times edge of the rug has two lines, some has three and most rugs have single round binding. Each binding has different way of treatment and restoration.

Some binding made by cotton or goat or camel wool while most of the rugs made by sheep wool. Some are machine made while most rugs done by handmade. Either one THE RUG GURU also specialized on binding doing by handmade or machine (edging or over locking).

The Rug Guru have different materials and techniques

1) Hand made – it can be by fabric or wool (we follow as its original condition)
2) Machine made – binding it can be by fabric, wool in different widths and sizes. This Machine overlocking (binding, Edging) applies to all floor mats, machine made rugs...)

Custom made:

Rugs or machine made carpets that are fabricated by hand into area rugs. Many times a border is added by hand sewing and the corners are mitered together. We can repair and alter these rugs as needed. We can also sew on fabric and leather under borders the rug to save surging for the long time. We can custom cut down the carpet to the size you want and then serge it, bind it, add a border etc.

Binding is used primarily on tufted carpet, which is made into rugs. We take a narrow strip of fabric and place it over the raw edge of the rug and then secure it to prevent fraying. This gives your rug a nice finished look.

For many Oriental rugs, patching may be economically and aesthetically the best repair choice. We recommend that patching or repairing be done as soon as holes are discovered to prevent more extensive damage. Depending on the value of the rug and the extent of the damage but whatever the damage is The Rug Guru can restore it in the original condition.

We also hand sew the binding to keep the rug as close to original as possible. If a rug has repair to be done, we will inspect it and give you options to fix the problem area. Our aim is to return your rug in the best condition as possible.

The Correct Repair adds to the value of the rug while incorrect work does more harm than good.

The History of Rugs and Carpets

This section is for people interesting to know more about rugs and carpet.

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