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The fringes on rugs and carpets are not just there to look good, they perform the important function of protecting the structural integrity of the rug. The fringes are the block that protects a rug’s foundation.

In order to make a rug the weaver needs a foundation to work from. The foundation of any rug comprises the warp and the weft. The warp runs the length of the rug and the weft across the rug. These are usually strongly made from cotton, sheep wool, goat fibre, silk, bamboo, hessian, jute or even camel hair. When the rug weaving is completed the wraps ends that extend beyond the end of the rug are tassel knotted to become the fringe. The fringe may also be called tassels or the braid. Artificial fringing may be used for machine-made rugs and may be separately attached to the rug.

Many factors contribute to fringe damage. The most common causes include being chewed by dogs, weak warps due to low twisted fibre (less spun), moisture, dust and dirt, foot traffic, fringes starting off being too long and getting damaged by vacuum cleaning, bleaches or chemical cleaning products or occasionally it may be the fringe tassel knots themselves that are the problem. The tassel knots are thicker than the knots in the body of the rug and by walking on them they may be compressed, subjected to more impact and break off.

When you see any sign of fringe damage your rug needs to be repaired right away; otherwise, the tassel knots may begin to unravel, and the less robust body knots can pull away during vacuuming or in the normal use of the rug. This will negatively impact the longevity, the value and beauty of your rug.

Whatever fringe problem your rug has The Rug Guru will re-weave or replace the fringe to restores your rug to its original condition and beauty. All fringes are repairable, some more simply than others. We can restore and replace missing ends and secure the edges to prevent further damage. If the foundation or edge cording is worn through, it will first have to be rebuilt. The edges of hand-knotted rugs will be rewrapped by hand using fibres as near as possible to the original colour and texture of the rug.

If a woven rug fringe has frayed and become undone, The Rug Guru can help you with that. If we can re-weave the worn fringes of your rug, we will. If not, we can do a complete replacement of fringes. We will carefully examine your rug to determine the right type of fringe repair it requires based on the rug type, its construction and its condition.

The Rug Guru is very experienced in all matters related to hand-knotted rugs and will clean or repair, with care, your damaged or dirty rug.

Owners of handmade or valuable rugs should have the fringe repaired by a professional.