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Rug Fringing & Tassels

Fringes are not only part of the beauty of the carpet but also it plays a key role to maintaining and preserving your carpet. Fringes are the basic block for carpet foundation. If the fringes are worn or damaged, we will re-weave or replace the fringe, restoring the rug to its original condition and beauty.                                

Most damage occurs to the edges of rugs, usually to the fringes and to the cord along the side. All are relatively repairable. We can restore and replace missing ends and secure the edges to prevent further damage. The edges of hand-knotted rugs will be rewrapped by hand using fibres as near as possible to the original colour and texture of the rug. If the foundation or edge cording is worn through, it will first have to be rebuilt.

If fringe on your rug is worn or has become unwoven, we can re-weave that. We also do complete replacement of fringe. If a woven rug has somehow gotten a hole in it or has become frayed and undone, THE RUG GURU can help you with that. By reweaving to match the rip or tearing or lost of the weave leaving a hole.

We examine your rug to determine the type of fringe repair it requires based on rug construction.
The Rug Guru experienced a great deal of wear and tear, due to daily work. The decorative fringe along the edges often unravels or becomes detached from the body of the rug. Owners of handmade or valuable rugs should have the fringe repaired by a professional.

The Correct Repair adds to the value of the rug while incorrect work does more harm than good.

The History of Rugs and Carpets

This section is for people interesting to know more about rugs and carpet.

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