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Carpet Sun Damage Restortion

Sun Damage

Most rug dyes are quite resistant to sun fading or bleaching. Still, ultraviolet rays are a powerful force of Nature, and a rug will likely fade over time if used for years in a very sunny area. Consider sheer drapes to block some of the direct sunlight, and try to turn the rug end-for-end once a year to even out possible colour changes.

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How Do You Prevent Your Oriental Persian Rug From Damage?

Sometimes, our rugs can still gain damage even if we clean it properly. Sometimes it doesn't matter if we use good cleaners. Damaging our rugs can sometimes be inevitable. Our rugs are made of very fine fabric that can be sensitive to wear and tear. There will come a time that our rugs' quality will degrade because of aging. What we can do is delay the aging of our rugs by applying some of the techniques that you'll read in the next paragraphs.

A rug adds warmth and beauty to any home-so protect that beautiful rug of yours from damage. The difference between a rug and a carpet is that a carpet is attached to the floor, as in wall-to-wall carpeting; while a rug is usually used as an accent piece. Rugs can be handmade, contemporary or antique. Protect your investment and stop the damage before it starts, in other words care your rug.

Step One
First, for your rug care, Stop sun damage and keep your rug out of direct sunlight. Sunlight damages the rug by causing it to fade or become lighter where the sun hits it. This is especially true of antique rugs or those with natural substances used for colors.

Step Two
Second, for your rug care, Rotate your rug frequently if it is in the direct sun; rotate at least once a month. The rug will fade, but it will be uniform in color. If your rug is not in direct sunlight, rotate it at least four times a year. A good way to remember to rotate your rug is the change of seasons.


Step Three
Third for your rug care, Vary the pathways on your Persian rug. When furniture is placed on the rug, it creates a natural pathway that is used frequently. Move the furniture on the rug so walkways are changed. This will stop the damage of a wear pattern in just one place.


Step Four
Fourth, For your rug care, Flip the rug end over end to straighten any twisted fringe. Do not comb the fringe as the natural fibers can become damaged. Flipping the rug end over end is done by grabbing one end of the carpet and walking it to the other end. The rug will then be upside down and the fringe will straighten out. Shake the rug gently to help straighten fringe.


Step Five
Fifth, for your rug care, vacuum your rug regularly to keep it clean. Vacuuming will also keep the natural fibers from becoming packed down. If you have an old, antique or expensive rug you may want to turn off the beater bar of your vacuum. The beater bar can grab loose fibers, which can cause a run or tear. If you have a threadbare spot on the rug, a beater bar can also make the damage worse.


Step Six
Sixth, for your rug care, clean all spills immediately. Do not use soap or bleach on your valuable Persian rug to clean it. First, absorb the spill with paper towels by gently daubing it from the end of the spill towards the center; this will keep the spill from spreading. Place paper towels under the spill to stop further damage to the backing. Use only water to clean spills on a valuable or antique Persian rug; call a professional who has experience if the stain cannot be removed.

However, The Rug Guru has expertise to bring your rug, carpet to the original colour condition. we will quarantee that the whole carpet and rug will be restored to the previous colour and beauty.

The Correct Repair adds to the value of the rug while incorrect work does more harm than good.

The History of Rugs and Carpets

This section is for people interesting to know more about rugs and carpet.

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