Rug Wall Hanging

Wall hanging rugs not only enhances the beauty of your home but also introduces a sense of history. The Rug Guru offers a wall hanging service for your tapestry, silk rugs or any other similar valuable items. Some beautiful tapestries, kilims and silk rugs have distinct and extraordinary perspectives when hung on the wall. Tapestry and rug wall hangings often become precious possessions and cherished family heirlooms due to their fine design detail and skilled workmanship. Rugs, tapestries and kilim wall hanging can be a beautiful addition to any room. 


Often high-quality rugs can be delicate and hanging them improperly may cause damage that is difficult to repair. Properly hanging a rug will enhance, protect and display its workmanship.

There are several satisfactory ways to hang antique weavings, rugs and tapestries and numerous ways to mount fragile or fragmentary textile art. In my house, favourite pieces are sometimes temporarily hung with push pins, to the dismay of conservator friends. We recommend an array of much more gentle methods. The textiles themselves often dictate the best solution.


No textile should be hung with rings, as the fabric's weight can be unevenly distributed. Think of how old shower curtains sag, crease and tear. The spring clips used in some carpet shops are suitable only for temporary use. Carpet tack strips should never be used, even temporarily, because the very sharp edges along the sides of each tack cut the fibres; they also eventually rust. Heavy frames or poles with decorative finials are rarely appropriate. We recommend a more simple presentation as the most elegant method.


Our wall hangings can transform your home into a more beautiful place of visual warmth and elegance. Grace your walls with the exquisite style and design and enjoy the ambience of this rich and wonderful art form. Bring home the warm tradition of fine woven wall hangings.


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The Rug Guru will hang your rugs on the wall in a seamless manner to accent the beauty of your home decor.

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