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Rug Wall Hanging

Wall hanging

Rug, Tapestries, Kelim Wall Hanging can be a beautiful addition to any room. Often high-quality rugs can be delicate; hanging them improperly will cause damage that is difficult to repair. Properly hanging a rug will preserve and display its workmanship.

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Wall hanging in your home brings not just interior beauty but also a sense of history. The Rug Guru offers a wonderful wall hanging on your tapestry, silk rugs or any valuable items. Some beautiful tapestries, Kelim, silk rugs, handbags, etc have distinct and extraordinary perspectives on the wall. Tapestry and rugs wall hangings are a precious possession and a cherished family heirloom due to their fine design detail.

Our wall hanging created by The Rug Guru talented makes your rugs on the wall a seamless look and to accent the beauty of your home decor.

In times long ago, tapestries were used to decorate affluent homes and important buildings such as churches, castles, and cathedrals.

Our magnificent wall hangings can transform your home into a beautiful place of visual warmth and elegance. Grace your walls with the exquisite style and design and enjoy the ambiance of this rich and wonderful art form and bring home the warm tradition of fine woven wall hangings.

There are several satisfactory ways to hang antique weavings, rugs and tapestries, and numerous ways to mount fragile or fragmentary textile art. In my house, favourite pieces are sometimes temporarily hung with push pins or brads; then this temporary state becomes permanent, to the dismay of conservator friends who use an array of much more gentle methods. The textiles themselves often dictate the best solution. I have described a few common methods below.

No textile should be hung with rings, as the fabric's weight is unevenly distributed. Think of how old shower curtains sag, crease and tear. The spring clips used in some carpet shops are suitable only for temporary use. Carpet tack strips should never be used, even temporarily, because the very sharp edges along the sides of each tack cut the fibers; they also eventually rust. Heavy frames or poles with decorative finials are rarely appropriate, and a simple presentation is the most elegant.

The Correct Repair adds to the value of the rug while incorrect work does more harm than good.

The History of Rugs and Carpets

This section is for people interesting to know more about rugs and carpet.

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