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Why You Need To Clean Your Rugs:


Rug Cleaning and Washing is especially important not just for appearances and health but also for the longevity of your treasured rug. Different types of rugs have different structures; flat woven kelims differ greatly from hand-knotted rugs. Some rugs have shorter piles while others have a thick shaggy pile. The materials used, wool, silk, Jute, Viscoes and cotton have their own requirements as do the dyes used to create the beautiful colors. however, the area it has been used in, the entrance, kitchen and sitting room are likely to be dirtier than other places in the house.

How often you vacuum also contributes to when your rug needs to be cleaned. You will know it is time to clean your rug when you notice your rug looking or feeling dirty or becoming dull and less soft to the touch. Regardless, washing for most rugs should be done every five (5) years as a basic cycle of maintenance. When it is time for your rug to be cleaned, we are experts in selecting the most appropriate materials and methods for cleaning your rugs. We handle with care every type of rug including hand knotted, hand tufted, machine-made, hand-woven, contemporary, antique, durries, braided, kelim, modern, and oriental rugs. Your rug may be made out of a number of fibers, or blends of fiber, such as wool, silk, cotton, sisal, jute, leather, linens, and synthetic materials. Your rug may be Persian, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Moroccan, Mexican, Tibetan, Afghani, Kashmiri or New Zealand made. At The Rug Guru we can handle and care for all your rugs. We can also look after your cushions, Sumacs, tapestries, bags and other related items or carpet.

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Types of Rug Cleaning

There are a variety of rug cleaning methods offered by general cleaners, such as steam cleaning, commercial carpet shampooing, chemical and dry cleaning that are designed to be used for commercially made wall to wall carpet. These cleaning methods are typically designed to use less water and dry quickly, which means that the job can be carried out in a short time at greater profit. These methods are not designed for handmade rugs and carpets and may cause your precious rug to fade or shrink. They are also likely to reduce the life span of your rug by reducing the natural oils in the fiber and damaging the structure of the fiber. Handmade rugs are made in time-consuming tradition ways and they deserve to be cleaned in the same manner to preserve them for future generations.

Hand-made rugs, antique rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish rugs and other delicate pieces should be left to the professionals. These types of rugs are too good to be mishandled and often cannot be replaced. We remove fine dust, debris, pet hair and soil from the rug. Select the appropriate cleaner based on the dyes used in the rug (artificial or natural dyes, vegetable dyes, mineral dyes, synthetic dyes), the type of fiber used and the construction method. This reduces the likelihood of dyes running (and blurring out patterns) and gives the fiber the sheen and color it should have. Careful handling and drying ensure that your rug does not shrink and remains structurally strong. At The Rug Guru we remove all the dirt and dust from the entire rug without damaging the fiber or its color. Your complete satisfaction is our standard. Should you have any issues, call us or bring your rug back to our place and we will work with you to resolve the issue quickly.

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Rug Cleaning Pick Up & Delivery in Auckland

The Rug Guru serves the greater Auckland Region, Hamilton, Tauranga, Warkworth, Orewa, and even South Island (using Fast Way Couriers). We are located at 68 St Lukes Road, St. Lukes Auckland. Call us to schedule your rug cleaning with FREE pickup and delivery in the Auckland area. (09) 815-9625

The Rug Guru is your best source for quality carpet and Rug Washing and Cleaning and Rug Restoration and Repair. We eliminate and clean all types of stains, pet odors, candle spots, water damage, fire damage and moth damage. No matter what size or how heavy or light your rug is, we pick it up and deliver it for FREE and handle it with the attention to detail that gets you the best results. Our focus is on providing the highest quality services, resulting in satisfied customers time and time again.

Rug Cleaning Professionals

With over 28 years of experience, The Rug Guru is sure to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today for more information on the cleaning, repair and other services we have to offer. At The Rug Guru we make using our services simple for you by offering FREE pickup and delivery of your items in the Auckland area. If you would like to know anything further, please don't hesitate to contact us. At The Rug Guru we are available 7 days a week to answer all of your questions and make sure you are 100% satisfied.

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